내 소중한 진파카를!!!

My precious Jin-pacas!!!

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if u see me smiling in public it means im laughing at the jokes i tell myself in my head 


텐아시아 매거진 10월호 촬영현장 - 


Don’t mess with my clique…


i kinda love u
like a lot

precious bae

I swear, Kim Young Min has a secret hatred and grudge against Lee Soo Man and the minute he got his hands on SM, his plan was to tear it all down.

After years, our Jessica still same. Our J, Happy Birthday!♡

hobi’s guns ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

kyungsoo getting shy when the mc talked about his popularity


Umin told him to nod, so D.O did.